On hackathons

if you’re a company and need your api testing, order $500 worth of pizza and call it a hackathon. job done.

On Golf

Golf is so weird. Huge swathes of landscape culled and privatised because men are too scared to just ask their friend if they want to go for a walk

On addictive food

[There’s] research to support if we believe a food is bad for us — if we believe a food is higher in calories — there is a stronger biological drive to eat it.


The closer an emotional relationship is to a particular processed food, the harder it is to break as both the brain and the body view it as hyper-palatable, experiencing a big sensory explosion each time the food is consumed.


We’re so obsessed with what’s in our food and whether it’s going to kill us or cure us; it takes away enjoyment and drives us to crave the food more because we’re never really allowing ourselves to have the full enjoyment and experience of it.

Source: Am I a Potato Chip Addict or a Victim of Food Science? | by Sabrina Medora | Aug, 2020 | Heated

A history of why we hoard, when we store, and who collects

It is the grain that helps a farmer get through winter; it is also the grain that allows an emperor to stay in power


Much as graffiti attracts more graffiti, stuff attracts more stuff

Source: A history of why we hoard, when we store, and who collects | Aeon Essays