On dark mode

In all of our studies, participants were better performing in the positive polarity condition. They detected more errors and/or read faster when dark text was presented on a light background than under reversed conditions.

Source: Gizmodo: Dark Mode Is for Suckers.

On defining corporate values

A real value is something like “tell the truth, even when it hurts.” Or “deliver the software on schedule, even if there are bugs.” In both cases, one can legitimately imagine valuing the opposite.

Source: What do executives do, anyway? – apenwarr

On feeling sleepy half-way through a meeting / conference

Too much carbon dioxide, for instance, is correlated with an increased feeling of drowsiness in office settings.


Then, there’s the finding that carbon dioxide may quite literally make you dumber.

Source: Why crowded meetings and conference rooms make you so, so tired – The Washington Post