On appreciating each other as human beings

You never need to apologise if your child or pet jump into the video conference. We’re all human beings, just trying to hold it all together during extraordinary times. I like seeing your life. If we’re going to do business together bring your whole self.

How to Create Gratitude

This thing you have—this meal, this bed, these clothes, this friend—if it’s possible to have it, it’s possible not to have it. If you take a moment to imagine not having it, the good fortune of having it is no longer lost on you.

Source: How to Create Gratitude

On selling without a risk

Target CPA is like buying a car and telling the salesman the highest price you’re willing to pay right at the beginning. Of course they’re going to sell you the car at that price, but you could’ve gotten it for less.

Source: 4 lessons I learned after spending $6 million on Google Ads last year