On 90% rule

It is a cliche in our business that the first 90 percent of the work is easy, the second 90 percent wears you down, and the last 90 percent – the attention to detail – makes a good product. 


Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging.

On Internet as a city

If the contemporary internet is a city, Wikipedia is the lone public park; all the rest of our public spaces are shopping malls—open to the general public, but subject to the rules and logic of commerce.

A public service Web invites us to imagine services that don’t exist now, because they are not commercially viable, but perhaps should exist for our benefit, for the benefit of citizens in a democracy.

Source: Building a More Honest Internet – Columbia Journalism Review

Git Branching Strategies: which one should I pick?

Git Flow – Atlassian family


GitHub Flow – GitHub family


Release Flow – Microsoft’s Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) family


Source: Git Branching Strategies: which one should I pick? – Nebbia Technology