On smart devices

I work in IT, which is the reason our house has:
– mechanical locks
– mechanical windows
– routers using OpenWRT
– no smart home crap
– no Alexa/Google Assistant/…
– no internet connected thermostats

On hiring Full Stack Developers

Dear recruiters,

if you are looking for:

– Java, Python, PHP

– React, Angular

– PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB

– AWS, S3, EC2, ECS, EKS

– *nix system administration

– Git and CI with TDD

– Docker, Kubernetes

That’s not a Full Stack Developer.

That’s an entire IT department.

Yours truly


HaVe YoU tRiEd BlOcCcHaIn ? : ProgrammerHumor

“Blockchain!” “A list written in pen”

“Cloud Computing!” “Other people’s computers”

“Big Data!” “Regression equations done poorly”

“Artificial intelligence!” “IF statements”

“Mobile First!” “Data harvesting webpage we make into an app”

“Internet of Things!” “WiFi toaster Beijing just hacked”

“Hyperautomation!” “Replacing Karen in Accounting with an Excel macro.”