Number of iPhones

Apple will need to execute flawlessly. In units built and shipped, the iPhone launch will dwarf anything Apple has attempted. It plans to have 3 million iPhones ready for sale on June 29, two sources say. (Apple won’t comment.) And with its touch-screen keyboard, powerful battery-sapping processors, and a panoply of new applications, the iPhone is far more complex than the iPod. Glitches could lead to costly recalls and returns if buyers find the phone buggy or confusing. [[(dead link) via (]]

chocolate industy in Africa

“The chocolate industry is so secretive about their recipes that they don’t tell you what’s in the mix,” said one of the report’s researchers, who has assumed the alias Maria Lopez. “The consumer can pressure chocolate companies to put that information on the label so they know they are buying conflict-free chocolate.”

Chocoholics may be funding war in Africa

Jane kese shab dhali (Raqeeb)

Jane kese shab dhalii

Jane kese din khila

Jane kese kab kahan

Chal para yeh silsila

Meri ankhoun ko yeh kesa manzar mila

Tere har nakash mein bas khuda hi khuda

Tera chahra sanam ik rubai si hey

Mere dil jism-o-jann pe tu chae si hey

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