On email traveling by distance

“We can’t send mail more than 500 miles,” the chairman explained.

One of the settings that was set to zero was the timeout to connect to the remote SMTP server. Some experimentation established that on this particular machine with its typical load, a zero timeout would abort a connect call in slightly over three milliseconds.

500 mile distance limit for email


#2 – Unix Recovery Legend



On Agile and craftsmanship of programming

much of the craftsmanship of programming has been lost since Agile became a thing. Coders are now just a cog in a User Story production line, particularly when working in large corporate IT departments. I think that, more then anything, has drained my enthusiasm for the industry.



Climate Strike Software

Climate Strike Software is software that uses the Climate Strike License, a software license that developers can use to prohibit the use of their code by applications or companies that threaten to accelerate climate change through fossil fuel extraction.

Source: GitHub – climate-strike/license: Prevent oil and gas companies from co-opting your work and extracting more fossil fuels with this software license.