On mocking negative reviews

The poster for the movie Legend (2015) mocked one of its negative reviews by hiding the two star review between the Kray twins heads.

On difference between motion and action

The difference between motion and action.

-talk to a personal trainer
-research your book idea
-explore different types of meditation

-do 10 squats
-write 1 sentence
-meditate for 1 minute

Motion feels like progress. Action is progress.

On Star Trekand SQL

2 types of people – those who think

  1. Star Trek: Discovery is dumb and stupid for including a reference to SQL “300 years in the future”
  2. think SQL still being used in 300 years is evidence Star Trek is a hard SF & a horrifyingly accurate portrayal of the future

Circles are hard. But nature does it easily

Source: Yuki Kawae on Instagram: “Circles are hard. But nature does it easily💧 _ #kawaerake #ripple”