I am being asked almost everyday since I kept mustache (11/03/2007), why this mustache when you looked better without it and I have been figuring out the response on the spot to answer this question…and the one I myself like the most is –

This is the right stage to keep it. At younger age, we weren’t in position to keep it and after marriage, she is not going to bear it (specially when you yourself aren’t liking it πŸ™‚ ). Therefore, you should also do the right thing at the right time to enjoy life ;).

And then when I seriously thought about what I used to say, I also started growing beard…and there are people like Ashwin who really like this new avtar of mine :).

on coping with change

Everyting in software changes. The requirements change. The design changes. The business changes. The technology changes. The team changes. The team members change. The problem isn’t change, per se, because change is going to happen; the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes. ” Kent Beck

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