On flying for work

It’s cute the way you think we can catch a 7AM flight and present at 10AM. It’s like you think there’s no traffic at airports.

On burnout

The idea of penalizing a company for making its employees work too hard can seem ridiculous if the work environment is safe. Plus, “flipping burgers” has been shorthand for an easy job for decades, so it can be hard to associate that with the constant monitoring, understaffing, and sub-living wage of modern service work. Chronically stressful work is different from hard work. And it’s dangerous.

Source: I was a fast-food worker. Let me tell you about burnout. – Vox

On daily questions

If you work in tech or media in this here 2019, some daily questions:
– who is this for?
– who does this help?
– who will this harm?
– who will use this for harm?
– how will this be used for harm?
– how do the answers (or lack thereof) to the above change our approach?

On posting a video of your job