Dhiraj: I asked that guy who wasn’t satisfied from his appraisal to leave CE on the day you thought that you have done something for CE.
I (wanted to say): Same applies to your life. You can think of leaving this world happily the day you realized that this world is going to remember you for something.
Manas: It disappoints when we find that whatever we did for last 5 years isn’t of much value.
I: If you think so, you never did anything otherwise hard-work is always counted.

Firewall Torment

Manas Agrawal: namaste london ke gaane hain?
net: haan hain
Manas Agrawal: share madi…
net: done
Manas Agrawal: thnzx
net: wankkum
Manas Agrawal: teri yaad saath hai karke ek gaana bhi hai na?
Manas Agrawal: woh kahan hia
net: nahi vo download nahi kiya tha
Manas Agrawal: karo
Manas Agrawal: kaam ko adhoora mat chhoda kar
Manas Agrawal: 🙂
net: kaam kon sa? Ye to aaram ke liye tha aur vo jitna kamm karna pade utna achha hota hai
Manas Agrawal: yeh aaram ke liye kaam hai
Manas Agrawal: khair
Manas Agrawal: gaana to download karo do bhai
net: main itna complex nahi sochta
net: arre nahi yaar abhi mene band kar diya
net: big boss has started monitoring everything
Manas Agrawal: he he he

How Not to Lead Geeks

  • Downplay training
  • Give no recognition
  • Plan too much overtime
  • Use management-speak
  • Try to be smarter than the geeks
  • Act inconsistent
  • Ignore the geeks
  • Make decisions without consulting them
  • Don’t give them tools
  • Forget that geeks are creative workers

Source: How Not to Lead Geeks

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