How to Handle Many Simultaneous Projects

How can you perform optimization on the organizational level?

  1. Perform the sprint planning meetings on the same day for all projects (Mondays, in our case).
  2. Let all projects adapt to the same sprint length (weekly, in our case).
  3. Collect up-to-date project performance stats every week for the organizational resource planning.

Source: How to Handle Many Simultaneous Projects – NOOP.NL

on becoming too valuable

Many years ago, I was working as a “senior member of the technical staff.” I was a tester, had coordinated beta tests, much of the testing work for the last couple of releases, and was working as the tester-project-manager and helping the project manager realize what her job was. My boss left the company. I was “obviously” the next one in line for his job. I didn’t get the job. When I asked why not, I was told “You’re too valuable where you are.”