Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying To Mars

a comic for Toggl

Truth be told, there’s no wrong way to manage a big software project (except “moving fast and breaking things” – that one has not aged well). Waterfall may seem rigid and old school, but it’s really just another way of saying “plan ahead”. Agile methods are great for flexibility, as long as someone tells the client when to stop giving feedback.

Source: Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying To Mars [comic] – Toggl Blog

On Agilefall

Agile with a twist of Waterfall, or Agilefall, has two key elements: Combining Agile speed with detailed project planning, and coupling a Waterfall attitude to kick off a new product build with ongoing Agile artifacts.


On Agile and Buzzwords

I rarely use the term “agile” these days. If I mean “responsive to change” or “adaptive”, I just say those words. If I mean “self-organising”, I say it. If I mean “lightweight”, I say that. If I mean “cynically exploiting a trend to sell certifications”, I say that

On Agile Planning

When the people who do the work plan the work, you get better plans

When you plan together, you get happier, more engaged people

Source: Agile Practice Workshop at Eye Care Leaders – Technology

Source 2: Top 3 reasons to do Big Room Planning