On Agilefall

Agile with a twist of Waterfall, or Agilefall, has two key elements: Combining Agile speed with detailed project planning, and coupling a Waterfall attitude to kick off a new product build with ongoing Agile artifacts.


On Agile and Buzzwords

I rarely use the term “agile” these days. If I mean “responsive to change” or “adaptive”, I just say those words. If I mean “self-organising”, I say it. If I mean “lightweight”, I say that. If I mean “cynically exploiting a trend to sell certifications”, I say that

On Agile Planning

When the people who do the work plan the work, you get better plans

When you plan together, you get happier, more engaged people

Source: Agile Practice Workshop at Eye Care Leaders – Technology

Source 2: Top 3 reasons to do Big Room Planning