On acknowledging connection with people who light you up

When you connect with people who are good for you, you feel it. This is a big deal. Don’t forget to acknowledge how great it is to be around someone who lights you up. Tell them, even if you feel a little weird. Your people love your weirdness.


Honey Bees Complete Artworks by Building Comb Around Embroidery Hoops

artist builds artworks inside the comb frames, and the bees complete the pieces by encasing them in organic honeycomb patterns.

Source: Honey Bees Complete Mixed Media Artworks by Building Comb Around Embroidery Hoops | Colossal

10 simple steps to help you enjoy daily life

  1. Begin the day by making your bed.
  2. Each morning, do something before checking your phone.
  3. Try to get fresh air during the day.
  4. Do one thing at a time.
  5. Let your mind wander.
  6. Take control of leisure time.
  7. Embrace mediocrity.
  8. Spend time with friends and loved ones.
  9. Wind down before bed.
  10. Get a good night’s rest.

Source: Pattern on Instagram: “🌳 Introducing our Guide to Daily Enjoyment. We created a simple, 10-step guide to give you practical ways to set up each day, form new…”

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