On permissions and data access on devices

We need to rethink the relation between our data and the services that use it.

  1. The cloud cripples your data. AI needs all your data in one place. On-device instead of cloud. You stay in control.
  2. Circle of Knowledge – All apps in the same room. Apps in the circle can use each other’s data. Open data types. No more sandbox. On-device AI through federated learning. Apps need to contribute to participate.
  3. Data Permits – Treat data like money. Encrypted storage through cloud providers. Know what’s at stake when sharing data. On-device as the default allows for detailed permits. Transparency leads to trust and confidence.
  4. Profile – A map of yourself. Interests. System-wide for apps in the circle. Spatial interface. Evolves to learn our values, habits, desires. Apps know the context. Foundation for understanding beyond impulsive engagement.
  5. Transparency – Siri as the face of AI. Transparency is most useful in context. Siri should be accountable. Through voice and inline
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Source: Rethinking how technology uses our personal data

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