On hidden meanings

Is there a ‘spin doctor’ in the house ??

Acquired taste – A food writer described this as “something people only ever say about foods that are horrible”.

Ahead of its time – A book-publishing euphemism for “It bombed”.

Courtesy call – An unsolicited phone call from a telemarketer.

Fixer upper – A real estate term for a property that might more accurately be described as a “tearer-downer.”

Friendly reminder – Urgent warning.

Learning opportunity – A mistake.

Robust exchange of views – A shouting match.

Zero tasking – An impressive-sounding business term to use instead of admitting that you’re doing absolutely nothing.
Heard Any Good Ones: Part 2 | Page 239 | BrownCafe – UPSers talking about UPS

Thank you, Sunshine for sharing this.

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