Indian Lexophile

These are Indian “lexophile”
1. “Mujhe ek ghante se auto nahi mili, shayad bhagwaan meri paRICKSHAW le raha hai”

2. “My body is in office, but my mind is SOMVAR else” #Monday Blues

3. “I am feeling too lazy to meet my friends. AALSI them later”

4. “Son: Rum Piyoge? 

Dad: Oye puttar ‘Bacar’di gal na kar”

5. “If you eat fiery garlic pickle before class, you’ll learn a valuable Lehsun”

6. Weight loss frustration… “Pran jaaye par wajan naa jaye”

7. Saw a line of Hyundai Sonatas parked on an empty road. Asked someone there “itna sonata kyu hai bhai”

8. If Johny Depp does Devdas, there’ll be Jack’s Paro

9. A daughter is the perfect child. A son is just a Beta version

10. When in Chennai, many North Indians wonder..”Ye kaahan aa gaye hum, yoo hee south south chalte”

11. She is Libra I am Leo humari Jodi kuch gemini

12. Decided to go to a italiyan restaurant kyunki woh ghar ke PASTA

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