iPhone in India

here are few reasons why i would not buy an iPhone

* No Video recording!!!!
* No transfer by bluetooth.. so if u have 16Gb free memory and your friend has the latest song or MMS of the hottest gal, all you can do is swear, shout and bang your head.. you can not put anything in this phone which doesnt go through iTunes(a software from apple only) so, so , so .. you wanna put something in your iPhone.. go install iTunes on your comp and then u can put anything
* Can not use it as a wireless modem (if you are technically challenged then skip it)
* No front camera
* No flash
* No keyboard.. i mean we all type messages whole day!! we need a keyboard dude.. give us a small one only.. it will be really insane typying messages with that toothpick which you give!!!!
* No FM radio!!
* You CANNOT use your MP#3 songs as ringtone!! insane!!
* It is locked with the operator you take it from.. no other sim card allowed!

Welcome to India dude.. hope it is a big failure here.. and thanx for breaking my iPhone dream..!


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