Munnabhai Circuit chale America – transcript

circuit: भाई अमेरिका में address पूछेगा तो क्या बोलने का
मुन्ना: धोभी घाट
Circuit: भाई english में बोलनेका तो?
मुन्ना: Washington
Circuit: भाई इधर आने को क्या बोलना
मुन्ना: Come Here
Circuit: भाई फिर उधर जानेको क्या बोलते है
मुन्ना: पेहले उधर जानेका फिर बोलनेका come here.
Circuit: भाई येह कैसा बोलने का – चले हट हवा आने दे
मुन्ना: simple हैं यार – Hey u move sideways let the air force come in.
Circuit: भाई तुम तो पास हो गेला भाई
मुन्ना: Yes bro i have just passed away
मुन्ना: अभी तू बोल एह मामू भेजा मत फिरा
Circuit: Mother’s brother don’t rotate my brain
मुन्ना: येह बोल इधर आ खज़ूर देता हूँ कर्चा पानी {कज़ूर याने डटे}
circiut: Come with me for a date i will pay u
मुन्ना: अब येह बोल अपुन को बहुत सर्दी हो गयी है
circiut: I got big winter in small nose

A Guy and Girl

Girl: Are you on orkut?
Me: Yes, how did you guess?
Girl: You holding few online articles and I am smart at guessing (inside: almost everyone is on orkut ha ha).
Me: You are very smart (did I do a course on featherbedding)
Girl: For sometime I was experiencing a special feeling sitting next to you (Her eyes were as innocent as one can get)
Me: (me blushing, wanted to say, “This generally happens”) oh really!
Girl: You are hot!
Me: (blushing to the skies) hmm … (falling short of words, wanted to do an instant neologism)
Girl: Looks like you have fever, your body temperature is quite high.
Me: (Fallen off world trade center) Yes generally I have, I mean, I think I developing, I am developing a good fever, thanks.


Dhiraj: I asked that guy who wasn’t satisfied from his appraisal to leave CE on the day you thought that you have done something for CE.
I (wanted to say): Same applies to your life. You can think of leaving this world happily the day you realized that this world is going to remember you for something.
Manas: It disappoints when we find that whatever we did for last 5 years isn’t of much value.
I: If you think so, you never did anything otherwise hard-work is always counted.

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