A Guy and Girl

Girl: Are you on orkut?
Me: Yes, how did you guess?
Girl: You holding few online articles and I am smart at guessing (inside: almost everyone is on orkut ha ha).
Me: You are very smart (did I do a course on featherbedding)
Girl: For sometime I was experiencing a special feeling sitting next to you (Her eyes were as innocent as one can get)
Me: (me blushing, wanted to say, “This generally happens”) oh really!
Girl: You are hot!
Me: (blushing to the skies) hmm … (falling short of words, wanted to do an instant neologism)
Girl: Looks like you have fever, your body temperature is quite high.
Me: (Fallen off world trade center) Yes generally I have, I mean, I think I developing, I am developing a good fever, thanks.

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