On being posh and economy

“Her extremely posh eight year-old asks her a question about the economy (!), and before she answers it, she asks her extremely posh five year-old “Do you know what the economy is, darling?”

“Yes mummy, it’s the part of the plane that’s terrible”.

This is how revolutions start.”

― Adam Kay, This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

Source: Quote by Adam Kay: “Her extremely posh eight year-old asks her a qu…”

On working from home


  • Better snacks
  • Better toilet paper
  • I can yell at my rubber duck


  • Diet is dead
  • I’m almost out of toilet paper
  • The duck started yelling back..

The infinite scroll

The headline is decently grabby, and the story seems likely to be authoritative, engaging, and brief. All of which is to say that it is worth a click. So you click it.

You manage to close these various boxes, and now you can scroll. For a few seconds, anyway, until another ad creeps down from the banner ad above the headline. This one is pushing an online subscription to a different newspaper’s crossword puzzle. It briefly stops downward progress, then disappears. From there, it’s easy cruising for three ordinary paragraphs and one declamatory, single-sentence Sportswriter Special, before it’s time for another ad—a home treadmill—and then another paragraph, and then a large photo.

All of this was, at some point, a choice. And then, at some later date, it wasn’t anymore.

Source: The infinite scroll – Columbia Journalism Review