Time to upgrade your monitor

  • Text can’t be made look good on low-resolution displays.
  • High-PPI displays are now a commodity, it’s time to switch.
  • Notebooks are ok, but a standalone monitor is always better.
  • 4k monitor only makes sense with 2× / 200% scaling.
  • If you want to go further, there are now affordable 4k @ 120 Hz options.

Source: Time to upgrade your monitor @ tonsky.me

Status vs Authenticity

People think they want status when they really want authenticity.

-high paying job
-impressive body
-Instagram-able relationships

-a job you love
-high self-esteem
-well-functioning relationships

Status optimizes for society. Authenticity optimizes for you.


On difference between motion and action

The difference between motion and action.

-talk to a personal trainer
-research your book idea
-explore different types of meditation

-do 10 squats
-write 1 sentence
-meditate for 1 minute

Motion feels like progress. Action is progress.