IPv4 Unallocated Addresses Exhausted by 2010

Ars Technica is reporting on how the unallocated IPv4 address pool could run out as soon as 2010. The IPv4 Address Report gives details on just how fast the available pool of IPv4 addresses is diminishing. Will ISPs be moving towards IPv6 any time soon? Or will IPv4 exhaustion become the next Y2K?

Windows XP Image Resize Utility flaw

If you are using Windows XP Image Resize power toy, here is a flaw. I was just trying to resize an image and being a keyboard shortcut freak, here is what I did –

Right click image -> Resize Pictures -> C and it hung up. All Explorer windows were closed…these stupid things.

  C is shortct for Custom (design) option which appear on clicking Advanced button but I was trying to short down the things and this was the result!


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