A letter to an Inspiring Educator

What makes you an amazing person is the gift of making us, students, believe that we can achieve anything we put our hearts and minds to. No matter how old we get, where we came from or what we like, you show us that our willpower can take us anywhere we want.

Source: A letter to an Inspiring Educator

On apt response

प्रेस वालों ने गांधी को घेर लिया और उनसे कहा, “आपको तो प्रोटोकॉल का खयाल रखना चाहिए था, आप तो लंदन में रहे भी हैं. आपने यहां भी लंगोट पहन ली?” गांधी जी ने कहा – “मेरे हिस्से का कपड़ा तो ब्रिटिश सम्राट ने पहन रखा था!” 


Man walks 16 miles daily for 2 jobs, gets free car

There are beautiful people and beautiful things in the world if we are just willing to open our eyes and hearts a little more. In a world especialy right now that is flooded with negativity and all out anarchy, there is still good, and there are still good, generous, loving people.There are still hard-working, honest, loyal people deserving of second chances and a fair shot to be successful in life.


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