Brendon McCullum on his dismissal in 2015 Cricket World Cup final

All my life I had dreamt of that moment. As a child, I played it out against mates day after day, and as a man, I practised for it with an almost eerie certainty that one day it would come.


You know why I laughed back in the dressing room? Because I forgot the only single thing that really matters. I forgot to watch the ball.


Yes, it was a bad shot, but it wasn’t a bad idea, no way. If I had watched the ball and hit it well, the tone would have been set. But I didn’t. After a lifetime of dreaming about exactly that moment, I messed it up. So I laughed – otherwise I’d still be crying.

Cricket: Former Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum opens up about dismissal in 2015 Cricket World Cup final – NZ Herald

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