10 Funny Things About Working in India

  1. We don’t want to do any invention. Just tell us which buttons to press and we will do it
  2. If the boss says ‘Yes’, we all should say ‘Yes’ too. We lick better than dogs
  3. If a man is successful, load more of our work on him. Please don’t call us Free-Loaders
  4. We share our laptops/desktops/workplace. So we must be doing great work (You can cramp in more people if you like)
  5. His skin is white. Let’s bow to him
  6. If we can’t find faults in a person’s work, let us attack his character & family
  7. He is doing late hours in office. So he must be doing more work for the company
  8. ‘Making great architectures of buildings’ is more important than ‘Making great people’
  9. We businessman provide food to thousands of families whose men work for us. That is better than ‘The men who work for us provide food for themselves’
  10. No one should be irreplaceable. Forget about a man’s contribution

Source: 10 Funny Things About Working in India

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