talk about testing gone wrong

Hi everyone,
Just an update on the rude wake-up call many of you got at around 1.30am! Here’s what we now know:
– The message was sent in error by our European-based service provider (hence the very inconvenient hour!)
– Three messages were sent; two nationwide, one to people in and around Auckland
– It’s only affected Vodafone customers, but the error was NOT Vodafone’s. The Ministry accepts full responsibility and are seeking assurances to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
– Don’t worry if you’re a Vodafone customer and you didn’t get the alert – not all phones are Cell Broadcast enabled.
– Emergency Mobile Alerts will be rolled out later this year to provide text alerts. For more information on Emergency Mobile Alerts, and about which handsets are Cell Broadcast enabled, check out our website.
– Again, we are very sorry for waking you!


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