Punjabi Accent and Phrases

  • Moonh Changa na howe ta gal changi Karla is said to someone who is speaking something irrelevant.
  • Mamme khade tere chowk te is said when Police is seen standing on traffic lights.
  • Fukri Mari janda, Lapeti chalo is said to someone when someone is flaunting too much.
  • Kedi Maa da phone Aeya hai is said by Punjabi mother to her young boy ,who often gets a call from his girl friends.
  • Tera Tid (Stomach) kyu dukhda is said to someone interferes in their matters.
  • Khottey de putra is quite often used by father scolding a son
  • Kidda is the shortest way to ask how are you?


  • Kaim is the shortest way to say I am doing good.
  • Gaah / Att is the shortest way to say it is amazing.

Source: Awesome things Every Punjabi could Relate | Craziness unfolded

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