on Campbell

My only real complaint is when a safety net becomes a hammock. Campbell could have just as easily found examples of abuse of the system as he did deserving cases. But that doesn’t fit his agenda. It is human nature for some to rort the system while the majority are grateful for the assistance.
As someone who pays about 50% of my salary already in taxes (PAYE, GST, fuel excise, LB rates) and additional supplementary fees (school donations, medical insurance, etc) I object in equal parts to:
The money wasted on the feckless (not the deserving),
and to those, who through loopholes, don’t pay their fair share.
I for one am sick of bearing more than my fair share of the burden such that it becomes difficult to support my family and plan for my own future. So Campbell’s push for for me to give even more sticks in my craw I’m afraid.


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