Ad in Infy bangalore portal for Accomodation :)

2BHK-3 guys already ruling-need 1 more person, preferable a girl to rule guys staying, in case we having bad luck, preference to a guy having a girlfriend and in worst case, single guy can also be considered..!!!


  • Entertaining Flat-mates who will always make you to smile 🙂
  • Delicious Food since you will be helping us to prepare them 🙂
  • 2BHK yet you can use both of the room since we all sleep in the Hall only 🙂
  • On weekends can be the king of flat as we spend weekends only on MG road 🙂
  • No disturbances since we don’t own a TV 🙂
  • No chance of getting cold as fridge is yet to be taken 🙂
  • Flat on top floor (third) so open roof top privacy also available:)
  • A Bajaj Pulsar with driver can pick and drop you daily to Infosys, just pay for petrol…and in case of girl, its free 🙂
  • Bed Tea Service, just you then have to wash your own cup 🙂
  • If you don’t have laptop, no issue even we don’t have net connection but flat mates are knowledgeable enough to beat the Google! 🙂
  • A prominent MBA college is just next to flat, so in case you think of higher studies, you don’t have to switch to new location:)


  • Should not be studious as our history says we allergic to books! 🙁
  • Should not be anti-Hindi, because this is the only language we know! 🙁
  • We love animals only when they are alive, so do not think of cooking them in flat! 🙁
  • Should not have cleanliness addiction, because we clean only when we feel its dirty and in past one month we never felt so! 🙁


  • 9000 to be shared by 4(no hidden charges)
  • For girl, no deposit required. For guys, it’s just 10k….. J J J


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