on loving differently

Koi pyar kare to tumse kare, tum jaise ho vaise kare, Koi tumhein badal kar pyar kare to vo pyar nahi sauda kare aur sahiba, pyar mein sauda nahi hota


Amit who liked to stand out for the fun of standing out…..he would adorn the opposite of what was the fashion trend and praise with full arguements that, which probably did not deserve it. His inclination towards girls was of the kind …curious but not interested. He meets this girl on a mountain trip…and they fall in love. But in the end the girl leaves him to marry someone else….and she sends him a poem in the last letter she sends him ……..which is how the story gets its name. The poem is famous…….for the fact that the simple lines strike true…..I don’t remember the words exactly but the girl says that amit has worshipped her as a goddess, in all her goodness but now she goes to give herself to somebody who will accept her for what she is ….as a human being with her own faults and values……



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