ESF Introduction

Name: Snehesh Mitra a.k.a. Mitra Ji
Career Graph: IIT Kgp 321, C-DAC, HCL, Techspan, ESF
USP: Beautiful IITian wife
Hidden Talent: Netagiri
Why am I at ESF?: Mere khandan mein kisi ne Naukri nahi ki!!!
I believe: I can work 24*7 !

Name: Ankur Gulati
Career Graph:IIT Bombay, Mc Kinsey
USP: IIT Bombay Gold Medalist
Hidden Talent: Gift of the gab
Why am I at ESF?: Destiny- met a guy in flight who introduced me to ESF. Mc Kinsey job comes with an expiry date of 2 years so you better be prepared.
I believe: Risk is Opportunity!

Name: Puneet Mishra a.k.a. Jazzy
Career Graph: IIT Kanpur, VMoksha,Techspan, Byte Consultancy
USP: Multi-tasking
Hidden Talent: Style Icon and ESF lead singer
Why am I at ESF?: There’s life beyond IIM calls, H1B Visa and girlfriends
I believe: In smart work as well as hard work.

Name: Abhishek Manocha a.k.a. Chacha
Career Graph: IT-BHU, Infosys, Techspan
USP: Super techie brain, pitted as the best fresher techie at Techspan
Hidden Talent: Close-up waali fat-fatiya muskaan…
Why am I at ESF?: This word ‘Home’ makes me go mad, some sort of attraction is there in it, want to make others feel it too and give them their cherished home.
I believe: There is only thing between you and success, it’s you.

Name: Abhishek Shinde
Career Graph: NLS
USP: ESF savior from legal hassles.
Hidden Talent: Mr. Invisible
Why am I at ESF?: A stake is better than a salary anyway…
I believe: Future belongs to those who dare to dream


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