on introducing best friend

Attractive!!! Appealing!!! Sweet!!!
Good-looking!!! Charming!!!
Glamorous!!! Beautiful!!! Eye-
catching!!! Smart!!! Striking!!!
Fascinating!!! Beautiful!!!
Seductive!!! Bubbly!!! Sparkling!!!
Full of life!!! Dazzling!!! Shining!!!
Vivacious!!! Energetic!!! Head turner!!! !!! Humorous!!!
Smart!!! Witty!!! Funny!!! Stunning!!!
Lovely!!! Superb!!! Exquisite!!!
Fabulous!!! Excellent!!! Fantastic!!!
Outstanding!!! Exceptional!!!
Terrific!!! Glittering!!!
Tempting!!! Influential!!! Credible!!! Likeable!!!
Attention-grabbing!!! Impressive!!!
Sparkling!!! Remarkable!!!
Marvelous!!! Pleasing!!!
Friendly!!! Good-natured!!! Great!!!
Amazing!!! Tremendous!!! Elegant!!!
Fashionable!!! Well-groomed!!!
Stylish!!! Neat!!! Graceful!!!
Pleasing to Eye!!! ……&& My Best Friend……
wel dats abt everything dat dis gal is

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