Patoriotism is………

* Standing up during the national anthem.

* Clapping & whistling when the “hero” of a typical bollywood movie gives a speech ‘for India’.

* Beaming with pride at the very thought of being an Indian.

* Praising Indian sportsmen when they win & getting upset when they don’t.

* Shouting, whistling & dancing at every fall of the competing team against India.

* Wearing
this, even though your friends laugh at you.

* Switching off the television coz I can’t see India lose.

* Getting affected by movies like Rang De Basanti & Chak De India.

* Feeling immensely happy everytime the Indian team strikes a goal, even if its just in a movie.

* Debating with every anti Indian to prove India is no less than their country.

* Loving your country, despite its innumerable flaws.


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