on Cultural Mismatch

We have a friend who interviewed with Google…the telephone ones and in person…everyone who knew about it ..said he was in…but he was told today by his recruiter that he was a fit technically but there was a cultural mismatch???? Is this a code word? Cultural Mismatch???

on missing something granted

it’s not addressed to you if there’s a buzz and you’re not groking it. That’s a clue that you’re probably missing something. Granted, people can be insane, but it really is more likely that you’re missing something – even if it’s just that there’s a particular brand of entertaining insanity in progress to which you’re not attuned.

on evil ideologists

Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the self-styled president of ‘Khalistan’, died of a heart attack in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab on Wednesday morning. He was 78.

(dead link) Khalistan ideologue Jagjit Chauhan dies-India-NEWS-The Times of India (Huh such a weak heart) (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/NEWS/India/Khalistan_ideologue_Jagjit_Chauhan_dies/articleshow/1855152.cms)
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