Patoriotism is………

* Standing up during the national anthem.

* Clapping & whistling when the “hero” of a typical bollywood movie gives a speech ‘for India’.

* Beaming with pride at the very thought of being an Indian.

* Praising Indian sportsmen when they win & getting upset when they don’t.

* Shouting, whistling & dancing at every fall of the competing team against India.

* Wearing
this, even though your friends laugh at you.

* Switching off the television coz I can’t see India lose.

* Getting affected by movies like Rang De Basanti & Chak De India.

* Feeling immensely happy everytime the Indian team strikes a goal, even if its just in a movie.

* Debating with every anti Indian to prove India is no less than their country.

* Loving your country, despite its innumerable flaws.



Age—Baali Umerya
Zodiac sign — Taurus
Height —5 feet 8 inch
Hands – 2
Fingers on both hands—10
Feet -2
Toes of both feet – 10
Tail— I’ve been trying very hard to grow one.
Horns— – None, when i last checked
Brain- Still Searching for it
Teeth —32
Self respect – None
Character -Loose/Cheap
Fav. outfit— underwear or shorts wid buniyan
Complexion—fair (but i dont use mardon waali fairness cream or ladkiyon wali either)

on expecting importance

There really is plenty of game to go around and no one’s fun is more important or better than anyone else’s (again excepting funsuckers)

– Robin Torres dissects the casual Warcraft player


Mausam Aate jaate Hain
Sadiyaan Aateen Jaateen Hain
Kuchh Cheezen Rahjaateen Hain Yaad Mein

Wo Din Wo Raaj Kahaan Hai
Naaz-O-Andaaz Kahaan Hai
Naghmen Hain Aaj Sada Ke Saath Mein

Koi Kahta Hai
Jeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Daulat Mein Hai
Koi Kahta Hai
Jeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Inayat Mein Hai
Mujhse Jo Koi Ye Poochhe
Kyon Na Kahun Zindagi Ki karaamat
Mohabbat Mein Hai

Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum ?.Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Sada Dil Hai

Jhum Jhum-Tnana Nana-Jhum?Tana Nana Nana
Ek Sada Rab Hai

Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum?. Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Mohabbat Hai