What Have I done this year

Bought a house
Read one book called “The World is flat”. (4 more books to go)
I got my BlackBerry cell phone, it was great!
I want to get my Wii soon. Can’t wait man’…
Continue drinking as usal. Went to a small bar in Yongher.
Will light up my new house soon.
what else?
Schedule is so tight now to meet the rest of the action items.


Red Rose

The guy she was falling for,
didn’t love her back.
So she solved all her problems,
by dressing in black.

She hated the world,
And hated her life.
So she turned to her savior,
the sharp pointy knife.

He said not to do it!
He even said that he cared!!
He asked me why i do it?!
And i said I was scared.

That you would never love me as much as you loved her,
that is one thought
My mind will definitely stir.

This is a story that nobody knows
Its the story of the girl
Who never got one RED ROSE !!!