on developing interest

Change will happen when we have a reculturation of the institution of school. When we focus on what is important rather than the tools. We are like a bunch of 4th graders who have just been given math manipulatives for the first time– we have to play and explore with them first before we can actual get down to business of using them for learning.


Dhiraj: I asked that guy who wasn’t satisfied from his appraisal to leave CE on the day you thought that you have done something for CE.
I (wanted to say): Same applies to your life. You can think of leaving this world happily the day you realized that this world is going to remember you for something.
Manas: It disappoints when we find that whatever we did for last 5 years isn’t of much value.
I: If you think so, you never did anything otherwise hard-work is always counted.

random paths

2003 Lomani (Patiala)

2005 Nexus Sports (Bangalore)

2006 –  Nexus Sports (Delhi)

2007 Lomani (Gurgaon)

I love these fragrances and I hope they too 🙂