on planning a cool life

I spent the summer writing a small book for my daughter listing the rules she should follow to have a cool life.

Beside never becoming a cheerleader one of the most important (to me) was to not have any respect for the law.


on wearing watches

They don’t wear watches.


Ask someone under 25 for the time and they’ll pull out a cellphone.

If they do own a watch, they got it as a gift.

Young people aren’t buying them.

And they truly don’t care about them.

I Don’t Wear a Watch I Decide What Time Is It (http://www.forum.hr/showthread.php?p=8877147)



10 effective ways to stay motivated

Be confident
Be clear
Work on yourself
Take criticism positively
Look out for challenges
Be persistent
Keep the company of successful people
Celebrate life
Start today
Keep dreaming